“With the fabulous view and the sounds of the sea nearby, everything will be perfect”

Here we offer a small travel guide to the discovery of beautiful places in and around Sant’Angelo, in additional to some places of Ischia.

You can find beautiful beaches, excellent mountain trails, thermal springs, boat tours and delightful local food.


Thermal springs
Tropical Thermal park
It’s a charming thermal park, located just few steps from us. The park has 9 swimming pool and it’s equipped with a spa, inhalation therapy, roman caves and natural saunas. It also offers wellbeing treatments, massages and beauty treatments.

Cavascura Spa
There are natural springs, located about 300 mt from Maronti’s beach.

The main beaches of Sant’Angelo are Cava Grado’s Beach, Chiaia di Rose’s Beach and Maronti’s Beach (see here).

Boat tour
The taxi boat service also offers spectacular boat tours to enjoy the wonders of Ischia from the sea.

Local food
Sant’Angelo is full of exquisite bars and restaurants where you can taste the specialties of the traditional Ischian cuisine and our local wines.

It’s possible to make nice trekking in the beautiful mountains of Ischia with excursions and trails surrounded by nature, such as the path of “Via Andrea Mattera” that starts at Sant’Angelo and gets to Belvedere of Serrara (or vice versa).

From Sant’Angelo by taxi or bus you can reach the other wonders of Ischia

Do not miss a visit to the Aragonese Castle with its ancient village Ischia Ponte (Ischia)

Belvedere of Serrara (Serrara Fontana)

Church of Soccorso (Forio)

Castello aragonese
Sentiero Serrara